Tyrell "TT" Smith


December 18th 1983- December 17th 2017

Hello Everyone,

Glad you could make it.  I'm sorry I cant greet you but i'm glad you're here.  Let me tell you a little about myself: I was born December 18th, 1983  in Chicago Illinois; the second child of Tyrone and Jacqueline Smith.  You all know I always said that I was the better-looking son. I attended Johnson Elementary grade school and later went on to Crane Technical High School where I graduated in 2002.  I received a full Scholarship and attended Kishwaukee College in Dekalb, IL.  My Favorite sport was Basketball.  I had great leaping ability and a jumper that was pure money. (ask Trail, Bogie, Marty, Dee, Steve, and Terrance)  We played in a lot of 3 on 3 tourneys and dominated the court as well as the game.  One of my Highlights was when we beat Dwayne Wade in a tournament game before he became an NBA star.   I was an entrepreneur at an early age.  I started off doing odd jobs for Auntie Daisy, cutting grass and washing cars and saved all my money.  I was fresh and so clean all the time and I had every pair of Jordan's that came out.  I started my hustle selling cars with my uncle Jeffery always by my side.  Moved on to a snow plowing business and made several investments.  I opened my own real estate investment company, TES investments, LLC and just Recently obtained my car dealers license and opened TS Auto Group, LLC with the help of my little brother , Tyheim, while keeping a full-time job as a Supervisor @ Costco for over 13 years!  I lost my life to gun fire  in Chicago, IL on December 17th 2017.  Thanks for taking the time to hear me out!

Kaleek "Leeky" Jones


August 5th 1995- August 29th 2017

Powerful, well respected Family man and entrepreneur. Lost his life to 🔫 violence in Iowa City, IA.  I dedicate this entire Journey to you! #JAP #LLKJ