Our Family

Terrance Q Murphy Sr

      C.E.O/Executive Director/Founder 

Growing up in the inner-city of Chicago there were little resources and activities for our youth. My late pastor Reverend Andrew Kelly took me under his wing and planted a unique seed within me. In return that blossomed into an opportunity at receiving a fair chance at life. As for my organization background, I will say CYC (Chicago Youth Center) Chicago set the tone for how our programs are formed. I see so many youth in my community that need to be shown that someone cares, is accessible, and shows interest in them. I want to provide communities with hope, a fair opportunity at success and empower our youth across the globe. #LLKJ

Kelly Murphy

  Program Director

 My reason for my involvement with Journey Above Poverty is simply to better our youth in our community by showing interest, love, support and compassion. I am a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. Being with the Girl Scouts of America from the age of five, and it has instilled the inspiration, drive and courage to get out here and make our children’s world a better place.  

Elwie Apor Harris

  President/Health & Wellness Director

 My background is in sales/marketing, driven by health and wellness coaching. I come from a poverty-stricken small village on the island of Cebu, Philippines. I feel it is my duty to serve the underprivileged (especially children) to inspire them to want more for themselves. I want to show them that they matter, no matter their circumstances. As a business owner, I have managed a stable life and continue to make an impact in our community. I am forever grateful for the opportunity to lead from the front and to be a great example to J.A.P and its community. 

Kenny Nakato

Assistant to Director/Tech Support

I grew up in Iowa with a strong foundation set by both of my parents. I choose to be involved with Journey Above Poverty because I know how important it is to have the right role models in your life. I want to be a great role model to the youth in our community and show them that someone out there cares. My background has been in the culinary and retail fields but my true passion is helping others to succeed! I see a real need for what Journey Above Poverty stands for and I want to show our youth what great places life can take you if you follow the guidance of a good role model. I made many mistakes when I was younger that have affected me as an adult. If I can instill in these children my experience, my hopes are that we can lead the youth on a better path for success! I'm honored to be a part of a program that supports our future through the young and bright minded!