Our Family

Terrance Q Murphy Sr


      C.E.O/Executive Director/Founder 

Growing up in the inner-city of Chicago there were little resources and activities for our youth. My late pastor Reverend Andrew Kelly took me under his wing and planted a unique seed within me. In return that blossomed into an opportunity at receiving a fair chance at life. As for my organization background, I will say CYC (Chicago Youth Center) Chicago set the tone for how our programs are formed. I see so many youth in my community that need to be shown that someone cares, is accessible, and shows interest in them. I want to provide communities with hope, a fair opportunity at success and empower our youth across the globe. #DoItForTT #LLKJ

Kelly Murphy


  Program Director


My reason for my involvement with Journey Above Poverty is simply to better our youth in our community by showing interest, love, support and compassion. I am a Girl Scout Gold Award recipient. Being with the Girl Scouts of America from the age of five, and it has instilled the inspiration, drive and courage to get out here and make our children’s world a better place.  

Andrew Cole


Junior High Facilitator/ Board Member

After teaching 8th Graders for 2 years,  I realized that most kids are looking for positive role models, especially positive male role models.  I have devoted myself as a life long learner to educate the youth on maximizing opportunities.  Values my mom & Dad imparted on me.  Their Organization 100 Black Men has inspired me to positively affect our youth and continue to grow myself as a lifelong learner and educator.  So excited for this opportunity.

Haley Grahlman


Liberty Club Vice President

Amelia Riley


Liberty Club President