Liberty High School Club

J.A.P. Club 2017-2018


    “Journey Above Poverty Club” 

 1400 Dubuque St NE, North Liberty, IA 52317 

Developing/Empowering Self Entrepreneurs

 · Resume Building · Creating Business Plans · Interview Attire · Hygiene · Financial Stability · Maintaining your Credit · Relationship Goals 

Generate excitement

Empowering Youth in life skills not taught in school 

· Effective Communication  · Thinking outside the box · How to handle money · Dating and Romantic Relationships · The Government today · Survival without certain Technology · Home Repair & Ownership · Car repair & Insurance · Personal Credit & Credit Cards · Cooking · Bullying · Manners · Gun Laws · Finding a Job · Health Care & Insurance · Time Management  


  Wednesdays from 4:15-6pm. Study Hall (H202)

Amelia Riley 



Honoring our Seniors

Moe Bolar



Want to give a special Shout out to our Senior Student Athlete Moses Bolar! He has been a great student and athlete for Liberty High in our First Basketball Year! Thanks for being a BOLT!!! #JAP #LLTS #LLKJ

Millie Riley


Our President Amelia Riley will Be graduating this month! Thank you for your hard work for the Club! We will miss your spirit and you’re Great Smile!!!