Description of Volunteers



 Is an adult volunteer who helps the youth stay on task, while making a fun learning environment during our lesson and implementing our core values. We need enthusiasm and open-mindedness while we seek to learn it all!     

 “Youth Implementor”


Is an under 18 years of age volunteer, Student aged children under the age of 13 must apply with a 500 word essay on why they would make a great Implementor. Ages 13-18 years old will mentor at youth program Monday and Thursday.     



Teaching specific areas of study in which that need improvement in an one on one encouragement.   

 “Volunteer Professional”   

Volunteer professionals from our surrounding area. Together in a structured group setting, we are able to allow the youth in our program to learn from the volunteers career and/or hobby choice, how they got where they are, where they are going and why they love it.   

Volunteer Sign up

Walking the Journey with us!

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